All Members Agree:


  • We operate as a private club. All patrons must be signed in as a member or a guest of a member at all times, upon entering property. 
  • Annual  Membership fee is $5
  • Members may bring as many friends as they wish to invite, and shall consider themselves responsible  for their guests, as well as  making sure that said guests are signed in properly with the member
  • Your membership card or picture of such card must be present when signing in and on premises
  • A lost or non-present card will require re-enrollment
  • Children between the ages of 0-16 accompanied by a WATCHFUL chaperone are welcome until sunset, 21+ only after Civil Twilight
  • Well behaved dogs are welcome, MUST be on leash, in hand
  • Absolutely no outside beverages
  • Patrons will be subject to the door/ticket price of special events, if present at the general starting time of those events (concerts etc.)
  • River Entrants!!! all bottles,cans,etc. must be tossed at the riverside recycling cans before coming onto property 
  • Any one who is deemed too intoxicated for further service will be refused to enter the property at any time upon the discretion of the bartender/staff
  • Do not throw cigarette butts on ground!! They end up in the river.
  • In general national park rules apply “ leave it better than you found it"


THAT being said, come in and enjoy. All are welcome to bring their own food for grilling, as well as to enjoy food that may be present and served.  We truly wish to offer you the best hospitality possible, this is most possible if our members are prepared to sign in upon entrance with their guests. Thank you so much for coming and enjoying this beautiful space on the river with us!