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The Bywater operates as a private social club.

Current membership dues are $5 a year.

Members agree to act their age; wherefore, they may bring as many guests as they agree to be responsible for.

In general Mother Nature etiquette applies: Leave her better than you found her.

Here’s to another beautiful Asheville day!

- James Rogers, Proprietor.


Hello Dedicated Patron,

While I have cherished the events of the last eight years, and while I have loved to see the way the community has built around our fire-pit; after much consideration, I have decided that even though we now have the best BBQ in town thanks to Sackett Street BBQ, we are not a restaurant per se.

So what is Byh2o?

The state of North Carolina tells me that I operate a private club. Cool, I can dig it, and if you've been around for the last 8 years, you've probably noticed that I've done a lot of digging around here… :)


My heart tells me that The Bywater is an ever evolving expression of my love for old school Ashevillian culture. For me, The Bywater is an in-town version of camping in Panther Town when you just can't make it out there. It's embellished with cocktails, a fire that's already going, and that perfect Asheville sound - flowing with the ancient energy of the French Broad River and perfumed with the sweet smells of oak, fruit woods, and BBQ.

It is the reason that I fell in love with Asheville, and it is the reason that I still laugh when I see a “Keep Asheville Weird” bumper sticker on a Subaru, because we are weird.

Over the last year, I've been engaged in many conversations about the appropriateness of children being in attendance at a bar. I've listened to both arguments, and, while it will likely turn away business for me and my staffers, I no longer believe that us, as a bar, can appropriately mitigate the potential risk to kids at a rate that is acceptable to me, which is a firm 100%.

Effective immediately, we will no longer condone the attendance of minors on a regular basis.

I understand that this is a big change, but I am making myself available to answer any questions that you might have. Please feel free to contact me on my personal email,, and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.


James Rogers, Proprietor.



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